Justice, Equity and Inclusive Growth under Panchayati Raj in India

By- Aarya Sharma!!

The presence of panchayati raj in India is from the time immemorial it since the beginning of our civilization. The panchayats in India have always formed an important part of the administration system they were based on the principles of justice, equity and good conscience. The panchayats in India followed or were based on the principles of rule of law which means each and every person is equal in the eyes of law and law is supreme it is above the boundaries of rich and poor upper caste or lower caste. The ideals of justice and equity has been upheld in the panchayats. These institutions have helped in the overall development of villages because it created a sense responsibility between the people, they became conscious of their needs and started fulfilling their duties as a citizen. The 73rd constitutional amendment made some fundamental changes in the political structures and in the status of these local institutions, it gave them constitutional protection and besides that a three-tier system was envisaged which directed for the establishment of panchayats at village, district and intermediate level. This brought a wide range of changes in the administration of panchayats as the states were given the right to allocate funds and conduct elections in the panchayats thus the system which was in ruins found a new lease of life and has now started to function. The 25 years of amendment and the type of administration which it developed has helped a lot in the development, due to the proper allocation of funds in some districts the conditions of electricity, drinking water, proper defecation systems have improved to larger extent. The education system in some districts has improved, but still a lot remains to be done as many districts in India still does not have these institutions properly working. There is a widespread corruption in these institutions which has hindered the inclusive growth of some districts which needs to be checked by the state government.


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