The Response of Latin America to the Venezuelan Emigration and the Applicability of “The International Convention on the Protection of The Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of their Families”

Unlike other refugee problems, the Venezuelan crisis is not the product of everyday military conflict. However,  the hardships Venezuelans experience every day are not any different from those experienced in an ongoing war zone. Since 2013 the economy of Venezuela has shrunk by 65 per cent, the biggest recession from outside of the war in 45 years. The only near comparisons are countries experiencing armed warfare, such as Liberia, where 90 per cent of the country’s GDP was decimated during its brutal civil war.

Why an Accused Can contest the election but cannot vote?

The Chief Election Commissioner etc. v. Jan Chaukidar (Peoples Watch) and Ors (MANU/SC/0689/2013, 2013(8) SCALE487) Decided on:                10.07.2013 Hon’ble Judges:         A.K. Patnaik and Sudhansu Jyoti Mukhopadhaya, JJ. Background of the Case In 2004, a Public Interest Petition was filed in Patna High Court, by Jan Chaukidar, an NGO, in wake of several malpractices in elections reported in Bihar.Continue reading “Why an Accused Can contest the election but cannot vote?”


By- Avantika Banerjee !! The literal meaning of Brexite is exit of Britain from the European Union. The European Union which was formed in1993 is an Economic and political partnership involving 28 European Countries .The concept of European Union was promoted to avoid war, and increase in trade and partnership among the European Nations. EUContinue reading “BREXITE :THE CONTROVERSY AND ITS EFFECT ON INDIA”

Justice, Equity and Inclusive Growth under Panchayati Raj in India

By- Aarya Sharma!! The presence of panchayati raj in India is from the time immemorial it since the beginning of our civilization. The panchayats in India have always formed an important part of the administration system they were based on the principles of justice, equity and good conscience. The panchayats in India followed or wereContinue reading “Justice, Equity and Inclusive Growth under Panchayati Raj in India”


By: Nazneen Zafar !! In the words of B.R. Ambedkar, “Political tyranny is nothing compared to social tyranny and a reformer, who defies society, is a much more courageous man than a politician who defies government.” Even after so many years of independence, in the newly liberalized India, who proud its democracy, the marriage isContinue reading “HONOR KILLING: A BLAZING VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS”


By- Yogricha Verma !! The problem of division of Indian society on the basis of religion seems to grow from bad to worse. Beside the sporadic ugly political manifestations, religion is another factor which influences the peace and harmony of the nation. And there is no end to the extent to which people can goContinue reading “DISCREPANT INDIAN SOCIETY: BABA RAM RAHIM’S CASE”

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