Prevention of Sexual Harassment

In order to prevent any sexual harassment activity (online or otherwise).  ISLR has updated community guidelines. I hope you all will follow it with firm determination.

  • Any comment or expression which connotes/denotes any kind of discrimination, violence, hatred, bigotry whatsoever is prohibited.  ISLR is a community of global leaders belonging to diverse parts of the world and coming from unique cultures and situations. We request you to be as polite as possible and extremely accommodating of individual differences.
  • Please do not text anyone from the WhatsApp group until and unless it is necessary and consequential to the work of ISLR.
  •  ISLR holds a strong policy and strictly condemns any action, gestures, words or signs that may translate into sexual harassment, assault, stalking, cyberbullying, predatory behaviour, threats, intimidation, invasion of privacy, revealing other people’s information, inciting others to violence on self or others, inciting violation of community guidelines or terms of use etc. in any type or form whatsoever. Therefore, please avoid any unnecessary messages to other group members. 
  • Anyone found committing any act falling under the definition of sexual harassment will be terminated immediately. Strict legal action will be taken promptly in case of any complaints. This is a gender-neutral policy.
  • Any participant who has any issue with the work environment or if he/she is getting unnecessary messages/emails from members working with ISLR can directly message, contact or email to:
    1. Mohd Imran (Founder, ISLR) at or +91-8303589699 
    2. Avantika Banerjee (Adv. High Court of Allahabad) at or +91-8670403742.
  • Since the legal field also explores the more gory and sensitive issues, it is advised that you post a warning or give members a heads-up before initiating or sharing any such information in the online groups/community. 
  • ISLR promotes friendly and flexible work environments that are conducive to creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. However, this is no reason or excuse to create a nuisance. We expect everyone to be at their best behaviour so that we can together concentrate on issues of pertinence for the world.

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