Maldives’ Engagement with International Law

In the past few years, Maldives has been conducting a much more active foreign policy. With huge attraction for foreign investment and its strategic location in the Indian Ocean, Maldives engagement with international law is going to take a new shift in coming years.

The Ambit of Executive Power: Analyzing the Delhi High Court’s verdict

On 15th December 2021, the Delhi High Court gave its verdict in a highly controversial matter discerning the scope of the executive’s power of delegated legislation in absence of explicit instructions while interpreting the provisions in the light of the taxation laws. While hearing 1346 petitions in the case of Mon Mohan Kohli Vs ACIT,Continue reading “The Ambit of Executive Power: Analyzing the Delhi High Court’s verdict”

Corporate Frauds in India from 1992-2019

In this article Avantika Banerjee traces the history of the corporate frauds in India from 1992-2019. She also emphasizes on how these scams have shaped the corporate laws in India.

Criminalisation of Cartel Conduct: A Desirable Change?

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Adam Smith When competing business firms form organization, by way of collusion, to indulge in anti-competitive practices aimed at illicitly maximising their profits, then theyContinue reading “Criminalisation of Cartel Conduct: A Desirable Change?”

Understanding China’s Data Security Law

Advait Kandiyoor O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat Introduction The exponential growth in the value of data in our society has led to over 128 countries implementing some form of data protection legislation, in an attempt to regulate the usage of data and bring forth redressal mechanisms in the case of a breach. Although many ofContinue reading “Understanding China’s Data Security Law”

Surveying the Legal Landscape of Drones in India

Advait Kandiyoor O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat Introduction The concept of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones have been fascinating since its inception and has seen use across a multitude of industries. The primary connection made with regards to drones has been their military application in the form of UAVs or unmanned ariel vehicles, whoseContinue reading “Surveying the Legal Landscape of Drones in India”

Trade Secrets and IPR

Trade Secrets can be defined as any information which is not known to the general public but confers some economic benefit to its holder. India currently doesn’t have any legislation to protect trade secrets but, they have been protected by the courts in a number of cases. Probably the best example of a trade secretContinue reading “Trade Secrets and IPR”


Summary Over the years, healthcare professionals and human rights organizations have condemned the practice of Virginity Testing as it is harmful, invasive, unethical and violative of universally guaranteed human rights. Similarly, the changing socio-legal outlook has pushed for eliminating sexual violence against women in most countries and has highlighted the routine and frequent use ofContinue reading “TWO FINGER VIRGINITY TEST: UNETHICAL, UNSCIENTIFIC & INVASIVE “

Saving the Life or Seizing the Rights: Texas “Heartbeat” Bill

There has been a lot of judicial jurisprudence, reminiscing on the right of bodily integrity and personhood of a person. The giant question that kept looming amidst the talks of abortion is whether a woman has a right to bodily integrity? If the answer is affirmative then up to what extent it is allowed andContinue reading “Saving the Life or Seizing the Rights: Texas “Heartbeat” Bill”

Inadmissible Evidence

– Tanishka Khokhar, Salwan Public School In simpler terms, evidence that cannot be considered or presented to the jury or the judge is defined as ‘inadmissible evidence’. Largely, the evidence must be relevant to the case to be considered admissible. As per the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Admissibility and receivability are not clearly distinguished. ItContinue reading “Inadmissible Evidence”

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