Reviews Banking Law Course Batch- II

Khushboo Aggarwal
Maharishi university of information technology
Avantika ma’am teaches very well, she clears every topic with brief, clears every section very well, when she teaches us no matter how many times you will ask your doubts, she will answer it very sweetly and will explain again well, she never gets angry.The material is too good and well fluent In a presentation form. All the important sections, important topics, current issues and landmark judgements everything provided in this material, you don’t need to go anywhere else, you will get everything from this material

Santhi Narayanan
Advocate at District Court, Coimbatore
In behaviour Ms. Avantika acted as a friend, in subject she acted as a philosopher, and in teaching she acted as a guide. I pray for her bright future. Course material informative and up to the point.

Junior Advocate, Trichy
Excellent course with very impressive and clear study materials. The classes were handled in a proper scheduled way. The overall motive of the course is not only to teach but also to support us to do research and become expert on it. Avantika Madam’s contribution to the course is very appreciable and it is immense pleasure to be a part of this course. Especially, she is an expert in correlating the concepts with reality practices; this will help in the ease of understanding. Her illustrations helped to grasp the concepts quickly. I will strongly recommend this course to those who wish to enhance their knowledge regarding banking law. The course materials were precise and clear. The mode of language used in the materials was impressive and it’s easy to go through them.

Kritika Mundra
Amity University, Kolkata
Ma’am teaches us in a way that makes every tough portion of the subject easy and simple. I really love the way ma’am teaches. The material provided to us is very informative and helpful.

Vivek Varun
UILS, Panjab University Chandigarh
Overall good experience. Course material is detailed study material and up to point.

Satyendra Yadav
Very good teaching that has given an overview of using and implementing tools appropriately to optimize in our academic experience. Very much satisfied with the course contents and also the course delivery.

Student: Sanjana Kiran, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
Course Studied: Banking Laws in India (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: The course content is very precise and provides basic knowledge on the subject area. The content was both easy to absorb and relatable on a basic research and explanation level that could help understand the concepts. As opposed to simply reading from the generic research, as ma’am consistently coupled the material with real-world examples and applications, made it very digestible. Would also help to include the examples stated in the class within the material to help correlate the material later on, but since the explanation, was amazing it made the weeks enjoyable. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Student: Tuba Aftab, GGSIPU, Delhi
Course Studied: Banking Laws in India (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: The material was insightful and comprehensive. It covered the theoretical part as well as gave information about how things are done in practical terms. The material consisted of both presentations as well as notes so it was handy for us to understand the topic. Ma’am gave us certain examples of how cases are to be filed for NIA by showing us relevant applications.

Student: Jay Shah, NMIMS School of Law
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: The course was extremely beneficial to me as it cleared my basics of a lot of company law concepts as well as gave insightful information about mergers and acquisitions. The course material provided was easy to understand helping us to grasp the subject quickly. Avantika ma’am is a great teacher. She gives relatable examples from day-to-day life making the concerts simple without adding any complexity to an already technical subject. She was very patient with us during classes and didn’t mind explaining a concept multiple times.

Student: Pratha Pant, Amity University, Noida
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: It was a delight to be taught by Avantika Ma’am. Her ability to simplify complex concepts is commendable. She is also very friendly and approachable which makes the learning process 10x better and more fun.

Student: Adhila Muhammed Arif, Government Law College Thiruvananthapuram
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: It was a completely new topic for me and the course helped me to form a foundation on mergers and acquisitions. Avantika ma’am is very flexible and approachable. She has been a good mentor.

Student: Merlin K Jacob, Co-Operative School of Law, Thodupuzha
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: The course was really helpful to me. Learned about company law. Since I am a beginner, this platform helped me a lot to improve my knowledge. Basically, classes are interactive. Ma’am motivated each and every one of us. And also she took extra classes to give a basic idea of the subject. Her notes were very crystal and sharp.

Student: Pratap Alexander Muthalaly, Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: It helped me get an introduction to how mergers and acquisitions work and also the various functions of corporate law in general. I feel like I can build up from the knowledge gained in this course and learn more complex aspects of corporate law with little difficulty thanks to the solid base. I enjoyed the classes a lot. They were very interactive and I did not feel awkward asking doubts or interacting with the Avantika ma’am. Ma’am friendly attitude put us all at ease and we were able to go over tough areas numerous times until we were completely on the clear.

Student: Anshu Priya Singh, Sinhgad Law College, SPPU
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)
You are an amazing teacher!

Student: Varuni Agarwal, National Law University, Odisha
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: The course was beneficial as it gave an overview of not only the laws and procedure related to mergers and acquisition but also that related to securities laws. The class discussions helped me understand the upcoming concepts in the sector like SPAC etc better. The style of teaching was perfect as it was not monotonous. The teaching zeal not only intrigued me about M and A laws but also had me research upon securities and other Corporate laws. The discussions and connecting of written law with practical ongoing issues like LV bank case helped me understand and retain the concept for long time.

Student: Ayushman Patnaik, Department of Law, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies
Course Studied: Mergers & Acquisitions (by Avantika Banerjee)

Review: It helped me gain a lot of theoretical and political knowledge about mergers and acquisitions. I want to pursue my career in corporate law and thus this course will help me a lot for my future endeavours too.

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