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The modern world cannot be described without the use of technology and there is nothing which affects one’s life and is not regulated by the State in the form of laws. The most important aspect of technology Law is the Privacy of an individual that is sometimes being violated by misusing Technological weapons. The safety and security of an individual have been the roots of the emergence of laws in society. With the technology law, it is extended beyond the Person and property to include the privacy of an individual. The technology laws provide a modern solution for the modern problems that arose from the increasing impact of technology in our society.


Data Privacy as an Indispensable Asset- Its Significance and Way Forward by Ummey Kulsum and Jasmine Khan
Technology advancement has created various platforms where an individual can share their own data and at the same time access others’ data. It is often collected by various businesses while dealing with customers online. Increase in data flow has also created a volume of data which can reveal personal information about an individual further creating economic and societal value in the data. The paper aims to establish that data is a valuable asset for both businesses and individuals and that the threat to data privacy exists. The paper discusses the importance of data privacy which is threatened by the problems like like consent dilemma, data aggregation, discrimination, exclusion, problem of secondary use and dataveillance. The paper then provides a way forward to protect data privacy through stricter data privacy regulations which provide for explicit consent of users, privacy embedded into technologies, end to end encryption of data and the right to be forgotten.

Are Legal Advancements at Pace with Technical Advancements? by Bhumi Agrawal and Shweta Pandey
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a novel invention and is developing at a rapid pace, such that we humans have forgotten to keep a track of these upgradations. These technically advanced machines have eased out the ways of doing our daily chores to such an extent that human dependence has increased. A pertinent question which must have arisen several times but is yet unanswered is that of this human reliance. The repercussions have been given a back seat amidst all the perquisites which humans receive from such creations of science. If we delve deeper into these technical precincts, it would bring to the public eye that there has been no demarcation in this reliance. Robots and Artificial Intelligence have been engineered to penetrate into our lives, but what is problematic is they have infiltrated deeper than they were supposed to. Through this article, light is thrown upon these neglected questions and an effort has been made to propose clarifications in this regards. Since there is still room for improvement, a comparison has been drawn between other technically sound nations and India.

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