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Book Review: Mirages of International Justice

Mirages of International Justice: The Elusive Pursuit of a Transnational Legal Order Mathew Parish, Edward Elgar Publishing  Limited, UK 2011. 259pp. ISBN 978 1 84980 4080 (ceased) This book is a powerful insight on the International justice and the roles played by the States and International organizations for the attainment of justice. The book exploresContinue reading “Book Review: Mirages of International Justice”

Sun Travel v. Hilton: High Court of Maldives Confirms Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

In a recent decision in Sun Travel v Hilton1, the High Court of the Maldives grappled with the question of whether a party applying for the enforcement of a foreign arbitral award is required to apply for both recognition and enforcement of the award. The judgment adds another loop to the long-running dispute involving the arbitrationContinue reading “Sun Travel v. Hilton: High Court of Maldives Confirms Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards”

Would murder and terrorism constitute ‘most serious crimes’?

By the year 2020, a total of 108 countries have abolished the death penalty. The countries that have abolished the death penalty believe it is a cruel, inhumane and degrading form of punishment. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) recognizes the right to life. Article 6 subsection (1) of the ICCPR provides that every human being hasContinue reading “Would murder and terrorism constitute ‘most serious crimes’?”

Maldives’ Engagement with International Law

In the past few years, Maldives has been conducting a much more active foreign policy. With huge attraction for foreign investment and its strategic location in the Indian Ocean, Maldives engagement with international law is going to take a new shift in coming years.


DAY-1 (19-02 -2022, 04:00- 06:00 PM) Geethanjali Suresh (Advocate, Madras HC)- Trademark Registration & Practice. Padma Sree (Independent Patent Consultant)- Prefiling and Filing of Patent Application. DAY-2 (20-2-2022 04:00-06:00 PM) Hamza Khan (Assistant Professor, Presidency University, Bangalore) -Emerging Trends in Copyright Law) Avantika Banerjee (co-founder, ISLR) -Blockchain Technology and IPR and evolving Ideas FEES: Rs.Continue reading “TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON IPR LEARNING”

The Ambit of Executive Power: Analyzing the Delhi High Court’s verdict

On 15th December 2021, the Delhi High Court gave its verdict in a highly controversial matter discerning the scope of the executive’s power of delegated legislation in absence of explicit instructions while interpreting the provisions in the light of the taxation laws. While hearing 1346 petitions in the case of Mon Mohan Kohli Vs ACIT,Continue reading “The Ambit of Executive Power: Analyzing the Delhi High Court’s verdict”

Shooting Down the Independence of Judiciary: Tribunal Reforms Act 2021

The ‘basic structure’ of the Indian Constitution has revolutionized India’s constitutional law jurisprudence since its establishment. The doctrine of the separation of powers is considered to be an important pillar of the basic structure, keeping the independence of the judiciary intact, preventing disequilibrium in the balance of powers which generally leads to abuse of powerContinue reading “Shooting Down the Independence of Judiciary: Tribunal Reforms Act 2021”

Credit rating agencies in India: Their functioning and credibility

‘Credit rating agencies’ function as a facilitator for the Retail and Institutional investor. They assess a company’s capability pay-off their financial obligations. The ratings of the companies and government entities help in making an informed decision by the investors. The agencies use unique method assigning ratings to the companies denoting their financial risk. Poor creditContinue reading “Credit rating agencies in India: Their functioning and credibility”

Course on Tax Law

This course is particularly useful for UG and PG Law students. The modules provide conceptual clarity of all the important topics of Direct and Indirect Taxation. Topics that will be covered : Module -1 Taxation and Constitution The concept of Direct / Indirect Taxation Functioning of the CBDT Module 2 Five heads of Income -SalaryContinue reading “Course on Tax Law”


Organised byFaculty of Law, University of Colombo, Sri LankaFaculty of Law, University of the Punjab, Lahore, PakistanFaculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University, IndiaMaharashtra National Law University Mumbai, IndiaJindal Global Law School, OPJGU, Sonipat, India The first SAPLawC’22, which is to be held virtually on 25th and 26th November 2022 aims to bring together research scholars working in theContinue reading “SOUTH ASIAN POSTGRADUATE LAW CONFERENCE 2022 [SAPLawC ’22]”

National Article Writing Competition on The Occasion of Constitution Day, 2021

ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY CUSB was established under the Central Universities Act, 2009, with the motto, “Collective Reasoning”. The University has been conducting its academic and other activities in its campus which extends over 300 acres at Panchanpur (near Gaya town, Bihar – 824236). ABOUT THE SCHOOL OF LAW AND GOVERNANCE The School of Law andContinue reading “National Article Writing Competition on The Occasion of Constitution Day, 2021”

Corporate Frauds in India from 1992-2019

In this article Avantika Banerjee traces the history of the corporate frauds in India from 1992-2019. She also emphasizes on how these scams have shaped the corporate laws in India.

ISLR’s Updates on International Courts and Tribunals | November 2021

Criminalisation of Cartel Conduct: A Desirable Change?

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Adam Smith When competing business firms form organization, by way of collusion, to indulge in anti-competitive practices aimed at illicitly maximising their profits, then theyContinue reading “Criminalisation of Cartel Conduct: A Desirable Change?”

Understanding China’s Data Security Law

Advait Kandiyoor O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat Introduction The exponential growth in the value of data in our society has led to over 128 countries implementing some form of data protection legislation, in an attempt to regulate the usage of data and bring forth redressal mechanisms in the case of a breach. Although many ofContinue reading “Understanding China’s Data Security Law”


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Can International Justice Create Peace? Reflections on Kelsen’s Thoughts on International Law and the Judiciary

I. Hans Kelsen, an Austrian jurist born into a family of Jewish faith, never wanted to become a legal academic. He rather wanted to become a physicist, mathematician or philosopher. But his decision to enter the legal profession was driven by practicability.[1] And yet: his eventual decision in favour of the law bestowed upon himContinue reading “Can International Justice Create Peace? Reflections on Kelsen’s Thoughts on International Law and the Judiciary”

Understanding Israel-Palestine Conflict and its Human Rights Implications

What is the Israel – Palestine Conflict? One of the most controversial and politically divided topics around the world is the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel and Palestine have almost been in a century old conflict, fighting over the holy land of Jerusalem claiming it to be sacred to one group over the other. Therefore, it becomesContinue reading “Understanding Israel-Palestine Conflict and its Human Rights Implications”

Blog Series: Locating Customary International Law in the Constitutions Around the Globe

The central idea of this study is to locate the expression on ‘customary international law’ in the constitutions around the globe. Needless to say, there is no uniformity in the constitutions on the expression used to refer to the customary international law. Some of the expressions are so nuanced that they may not fit in any of the sources of international law referred to in Article 38 of the Statute of the ICJ.

The BCI is Mistaken in Proposing Three Years of Experience for Judicial Services

Before making three-year compulsory practice for judicial services, the BCI must look into the matter as to who will the have the luxury of spending three years at the bar and also preparing for the judicial services. The advocacy is a noble profession, it must not become a luxury profession.

The Securities Laws of India and The USA- A Critical Analysis

This blog deals with the analysis of the structure of the legal system developed by India and USA to alleviate the systemic problems in the securities laws. It also chalks out the differences between the implementation of the established legal mechanisms.

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