Write for Us

ISLR seeks blog articles, Research Papers, Policy Briefs and Book Reviews on issues related to corporate law, constitutional law, International Law, International Relations, Foreign Policy and issue of Development. The blog articles should be of about 800-1500 words and should be well researched and well analyzed. Similarly, the length of Research Paper and Book Review should be 4000-6000 and 750-1000 words respectively.  

Guidelines For Contribution

  • Please note that we do not reproduce published paper. Please send us fresh, unpublished papers only.
  • Authors are encouraged to use hyperlink for the purpose of citation.
  • All submissions should be sent electronically, as attached word documents to islrpublications@gmail.com
  • The subject line should be ‘Article for ISLR’.
  • The article should contain a line at end giving desired designation/ title and institutional affiliation. Please share your twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook handle if you use them.
  • The Editorial Team will respond within 6 – 10 working days.
  • The Editorial Team reserves the right to take the final decision on the use of the Commentaries, Research Paper and Book Reviews.

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