Blog Writing Competition, 2020

Constitutional Law

The Constitution and the rights and duties laid out under it form the bedrock of our nation and its functioning. The interpretation and application of constitutional provisions has been given immense importance since Independence. In recent years, however, constitutional interpretation has become all the more important owing to the nature of issues that have arisen, like the legality of internet shutdowns vis-à-vis citizens’ fundamental rights, the legality of electoral bonds, and others. In this series, we present an analytical view of various contemporary constitutional issues.

Technology Law

The modern world cannot be described without the use of technology and there is nothing which affects one’s life and is not regulated by the State in the form of laws. The most important aspect of technology Law is the Privacy of an individual that is sometimes being violated by misusing Technological weapons. The safety and security of an individual have been the roots of the emergence of laws in society. With the technology law, it is extended beyond the Person and property to include the privacy of an individual. The technology laws provide a modern solution for the modern problems that arose from the increasing impact of technology in our society.

Banking Law

A huge number of banking legislation and statues in India makes it a little complicated subject matter and the importance of bank in one’s life makes it important to understand these laws in a simple and elaborated way. Here, the ISLR Blog section is dealing with the two very specific concepts of the banking law i.e. Islamic banking and White Label ATMs. On one hand, the Islamic banking laws which incorporates some religious values and sentiments while regulating the banking sector, which is majorly based on the Profit-sharing and loss bearing based on Equity. on the other hand, the White label ATMs which aided in the easy and quick movement of certain banking activities to ease the cash flow reaching the individual, specifically in the rural area of the Nation. The ISLR blog aims to provide a better understanding of these two areas of banking law.

International Law

World order today requires a method whereby interstate relations could be conducted, and International law fills this gap. Therefore, it is necessary to understand International Law as it helps to study the interaction of states with the international community. In this series we will explore and analyze the international economy and how it has been affected by COVID-19. The series will also explore how state actions and economic sanction interact with principles of International law and fulfill the ultimate goal of securing peace and order in the world.

Property Law

Real Estate sector in India contributes approximately 6-7% share in the GDP thereby making it an essential for the holistic development of the Indian economy. The government of India has introduced several policies in order to promote this industry and ensure that every citizen of this country is living in a decent habitation. In this series we will analyze these schemes and bring to you interesting findings about them and their impact on real estate industry. We will also understand how law interact with these policies and safeguard the interest of home-buyers.

Narcotics and Law

Drug abuse is considered to be a major menace to the development of present-day society. India has enacted legislation to prohibit the use and manufacture of narcotic drugs in line with its obligations under international conventions. However, there have been concerns raised as to the efficacy of such laws, and also regarding the need to decriminalise the use of certain substances. In this series, we present an analytical view of various contemporary issues in this field.

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