By- Yogricha Verma !!

The problem of division of Indian society on the basis of religion seems to grow from bad to worse. Beside the sporadic ugly political manifestations, religion is another factor which influences the peace and harmony of the nation. And there is no end to the extent to which people can go to protect their dummy religious identity and keep the foundations of humanity at stake.

We live in a country where disillusion and irony are thoroughly embedded, where nobody bothers to stand up for people who are struggling for food, health and sanitation, where nobody stands to fight for a rape victim and millions stand for a man who is found accused of doing a crime. The case of Baba Ram Rahim is of the same classification. Law and order, peace and unity, righteousness and humanity are just words which are thrown to the nook. Not as a law maker or a law reformer or as a jurist, if we look around to the population of laymen questioning each other that why are we going backwards when the world is finding ways to grow and excel. Why are the followers of Baba Ram Rahim undiscerning and not accepting the ground reality of conviction. It has been constantly evident by past prolonged cases of Radhe Maa, Asharam Babu and many others that the one who encourages others to follow the path of divinity and leave lust and mirage, is the one who acts as the brand ambassador of these scabrous acts.

The current situation in the country is a proof of irrational and unjustified minds of henchman of Baba Ram Rahim. It is the appropriately said by Richard Branson that “You shouldn’t blindly accept a leader’s advice. You’ve got to question leaders on occasion”. And this is what happens when one follows someone blindly by not accepting the truth. People who are killing to support their leader who establishes peace in their life, have forgotten that they have already burnt the basics of the humanity by their Arson.


Photo Credit: https://girlandworld.com/2017/08/25/the-connection-between-baba-ram-rahim-and-lt-colonel-purohit/


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