ISLR’s Winter Course on International Refugee Law


In the recent years, there has been a lot of debate about refugees, refugee policies, migrants, displacement and asylum- Do all these words mean the same? are they similar? Why is there a lot of debate around this issue or simply what is this issue?- these questions are ancient and contemporary, in this dynamic world one thing has remained constant from the beginning of civilization and that is Conflict and the result of it- exodus of people.

This Course will enable you to master these questions. The course exposes the participants to a variety of laws on Refugee Protection and determination, wherein the Convention remains the cornerstone of international refugee protection. The 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees is the cornerstone around which this course is structured.

Whether you are a lawyer, a judge, a researcher, a human rights activist, social worker- you have to answer these questions and the answers are definitely complex. Through this course ISLR is trying to simplify this knowledge and disseminate it for the better understanding of everyone.


By the end of this course, you will be able to;

  • Define, differentiate, and understand refuges, the law and the position of countries in the 21st Century and the reasons for it.
  • Formulate rigorous legal reasoning on the right to asylum and international protection of refugees.
  • Analyze case law decisions of international, regional and national courts and tribunals relating to asylum and refugee law.
  • Critically analyze and understand the refugee law in your country or the lack of it.


Registered participants will be able to access the course material and tests. Weekly lectures with foreign faculties and scholars.


Having completed or pursuing a degree in law, social work or any other social sciences and humanities courses with a basic understanding and knowledge of human rights.


One Month (Starts on 30th January, 2021) 


Rs. 1000/-

Last Date of Registration:

January 25, 2021

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Avantika Banerjee: +91-8670403742

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