Case Comment: Gary Kremen v. Stephen Michael Cohen

The analysis of this judgment deals with the question as to whether a registrant of an internet domain name has an intangible property right in that domain name such that wrongful disposition of that property can constitute the tort of conversion?

Lvb-Dbs Amalgamation: A Stratergy to Enhance ‘Phygital’ Presence of Foreign Banks In India

Title of Article: Lvb-Dbs Amalgamation: A Stratergy to Enhance ‘Phygital’ Presence of Foreign Banks In IndiaAuthor: Avantika Banerjee, School of Law, Pondicherry University  Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited was an Indian private sector bank established in 1926 in Karur, Tamil Nadu. It is founded in 1926 by a group of seven businessmen in Karur under the leadership of VSNContinue reading “Lvb-Dbs Amalgamation: A Stratergy to Enhance ‘Phygital’ Presence of Foreign Banks In India”

Time to deactivate and move on to more compliant pastures?

Closer home, the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (hereinafter “the Rules”) were notified which aim at regulating content on social media platforms by increasing accountability from intermediaries and companies by appointing nodal grievance officers, removing content swiftly and then some. These were framed under Section 87 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (hereinafter “the Act”) which empowers the Union Government to make subsidiary rules without Parliamentary assent.

Money laundering: A worry which needs to be vanquished

Today in this fast – moving world, where the world is witnessing rapid globalization and industrialization, a lot of illegally generated money whose source can’t be traced is generated for someone’s ulterior motive. To curb this, which can be detrimental to any country’s economy and development the governments across the globe have introduced Acts and Laws to limit the same. 

E-commerce and the anti-competitive practice conundrum

A similar issue came into light when Delhi Vyapar Mahasangh a group of small and medium business owners filed a complaint against Amazon India and flipkart alleging them to be engaged in anti- competitive practices like preferred selling and deep discounts. These practices damage the retail market of the small businesses.

Virtual board meetings – corporate governance redefined

Like all the other spheres of life today ‘virtual is the new real’ even for the corporates. In this pandemic if something is holding the economies of the world and has been able to avoid the devastations of economic crisis in the form of Inflation i.e., the smooth running of the business eco system. InContinue reading “Virtual board meetings – corporate governance redefined”


This course will focus on providing extensive knowledge to the students about the Company Law along with corporate restructuring and along with SEBI regulations of the M&A.

Budget 2021: The Key Changes for the Businesses in India

Photo credit: indiatvnews On 1st February 2021, the Finance minister announced the union budget. The budget is alleged by experts to be non- controversial as there are no major changes related to the tax slabs or neither there is a remission nor addition to the financial structure.  But there are few changes made in theContinue reading “Budget 2021: The Key Changes for the Businesses in India”

The Securities Laws of India and The USA- A Critical Analysis

This blog deals with the analysis of the structure of the legal system developed by India and USA to alleviate the systemic problems in the securities laws. It also chalks out the differences between the implementation of the established legal mechanisms.

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