Maldives Legal and Political History


The Republic of Maldives has an interesting history. The early history of the Maldives remains mostly a mystery. The little bits and pieces that historians have been able to uncover show that the people of the Maldives were strong seafarers who lived a simple life. The sea provided them with the riches they needed, and the land provided little sustenance. So, they opted for trading the riches the sea brought them. This led them to make long voyages to distant lands. On these voyages, they were exposed to international maritime laws. Being involved in international trade meant that laws that govern these trades were also a part of Maldivian history. Unfortunately, there are very few written documents that showcase this simple yet adventurous history of the Maldivians. It is from documents that are written by foreign travelers and kingdoms we find tales of the travels of the Maldivian people in far-off lands. This paper attempts to investigate the historical facts behind the involvement of Maldivians in Asia. How it has shaped the geo-political environment of the region as well as the socioeconomic of Maldives. It also investigates the legal history of the Maldives. This includes maritime laws and trade policies.

Ibrahim Hazum is a student of Bachelor of Shariah and Law at Villa College, Maldives. He also served as the Secretary of Villa College Law Society. Mr. Hazum is currently working as an Administrative Officer at the Maldives Police Service. 


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