Author: Shreya Pandey Abstract In the golden age of drug addiction, where people are passing into a persistent state of relapsing disorder, Marijuana, being a drug itself, promises a flicker of light at the end of tunnel owing to its medicinal properties. Marijuana offers a therapy to relieve one’s ailment by subsuming its use inContinue reading “LEGALISATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA- WILL THE DAWN OF MYTH TURN INTO A STARK REALITY?”

The BCI is Mistaken in Proposing Three Years of Experience for Judicial Services

Before making three-year compulsory practice for judicial services, the BCI must look into the matter as to who will the have the luxury of spending three years at the bar and also preparing for the judicial services. The advocacy is a noble profession, it must not become a luxury profession.

Domestic Violence: A Termite to Flesh, Minds and Values

INTRODUCTION “Violence is never domestic; it roars wild where every day she serves dinner to the carnivore in a porcelain made out of her broken bones.” By Monika Swain Domestic violence, which is in itself an epidemic across the globe spiked when couples were placed under mandatory lockdown restraining them to their homes in confinedContinue reading “Domestic Violence: A Termite to Flesh, Minds and Values”

Corporate Compliance: A Cutting-Edge Topic in Corporate Governance in China

Corporate compliance originated from the corporate governance practice aiming at mitigating risks related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the United States, via the practices in other common law countries, but also some civil law countries, has been introduced to China and recently become a buzzword of corporate governance. An ever-increasing amount of peer-reviewContinue reading “Corporate Compliance: A Cutting-Edge Topic in Corporate Governance in China”

Enforcement of BIT Awards in India

Recently, the Indian Government lost an arbitration dispute invoked by Vodafone International Holding BV (“Vodafone International”)under the India – Netherlands Bilateral Investment Treaty, at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). The PCA held[1] that the retrospective application of capital gains tax by the Indian Government on the company was a breach of the fair andContinue reading “Enforcement of BIT Awards in India”

Drugs and Punjab: The Never-Ending War

by Shivangi Goel INTRODUCTION The problem of drug abuse in India derives its origin from Punjab which itself is fighting a war against drugs since time immemorial. Every3rd person in Punjab is facing the problem of drug abuse.[1] This inherent problem in Punjab has derived its roots from that areas or regions in Punjab which areContinue reading “Drugs and Punjab: The Never-Ending War”

Blog Series: Locating Customary International Law in the Constitutions Around the Globe

The central idea of this study is to locate the expression on ‘customary international law’ in the constitutions around the globe. Needless to say, there is no uniformity in the constitutions on the expression used to refer to the customary international law. Some of the expressions are so nuanced that they may not fit in any of the sources of international law referred to in Article 38 of the Statute of the ICJ.

Call for Researchers: ISLR’s Short Term Project on Climate Change & Climate Refugees

About the ProjectInternational Refugee Law is a growing wing of International Law and has gained significant attention in recent decade due to the huge trans-boundary migration of people so various reasons such as; armed conflict, climate change; economic needs etc. Researchers predict that one of the main cause of the conflict among nations in upcomingContinue reading “Call for Researchers: ISLR’s Short Term Project on Climate Change & Climate Refugees”

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