By Shivanshi Gupta The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the case of Liechtenstein vs. Guatemala laid down the principle of effective nationality also known as the Nottebohm principle. It means that domestic law is not enough to contest nationality to another country, the nationality should be effective too. The relation of citizen with itsContinue reading “ANALYZING LIECHTENSTEIN VS. GUATEMALA: NOTTEBOHM CASE”

India’s Public Health System crumbles in violation of Fundamental Rights  

By Simran Kaur, a final year law student at University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University Chandigarh. The country’s healthcare resources are drained, exposing the hollow infrastructure and policy protection for its health care ‘warriors’ as India battles the most ruthless wave of the deadly coronavirus pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives and stillContinue reading “India’s Public Health System crumbles in violation of Fundamental Rights  “


THEME: FREEDOM OF PRESS SUB THEMES: Safety of Women and Men Journalists and Media Workers Independent and Professional Journalism free from Political and Commercial Influence Gender Equality in All Aspect of the Media Information as a public good Online freedom of expression and the targeting of journalists Use of technologies enabled by artificial intelligence toContinue reading “CALL FOR BLOGS”

Safety laws – Is the Indian Infrastructure enough?

~Eden De Horta (Editor, ISLR) The pandemic currently witnessed by the world is novel, unprecedented, and seemingly relentless as it observes no geographical boundaries. In these times, various administrations all over the world need to adhere to safety and healthcare laws. Though the Constitution of India is silent on the term and subject of ‘disaster’,Continue reading “Safety laws – Is the Indian Infrastructure enough?”

Labour Law

~ Avantika Banerjee Founder and Editor ISLR THE CELEBRATION OF MAYDAY: NOBILITY OF THE WORKING CLASS Mayday is celebrated around the world to commemorate the contribution of the working class and acknowledge their hard work towards nation building. Mayday signifies the long struggle of the working class for decent working hours and humane working conditions.Continue reading “Labour Law”

Justice NV Ramana to be the next Chief Justice of India

Justice NV Ramana, the senior most Judge of the Supreme Court, is appointed as the Chief Justice of India (CJI). He will have a tenure of 16 months as the CJI. The appointment of the post is made by the President in exercise of the power conferred upon him under Article 124(2) which reads ‘EveryContinue reading “Justice NV Ramana to be the next Chief Justice of India”

Legalization of Marijuana- India, USA and UK – A Case Study

By Ezeifekwuaba Tochukwu Benedict  Introduction The intake of Marijuana as well as other Cannabis Derivatives such as the Bhang can be traced far back to hundreds of decades with major roots on the Indian Culture and Legislation. From the Initial, the indulgence of the Baul Singers of the Bengal to Festival of Holi; the intakeContinue reading “Legalization of Marijuana- India, USA and UK – A Case Study”

Drugs and Punjab: The Never-Ending War

by Shivangi Goel INTRODUCTION The problem of drug abuse in India derives its origin from Punjab which itself is fighting a war against drugs since time immemorial. Every3rd person in Punjab is facing the problem of drug abuse.[1] This inherent problem in Punjab has derived its roots from that areas or regions in Punjab which areContinue reading “Drugs and Punjab: The Never-Ending War”

Decriminalization Of Marijuana: A Comparative Study Between India And The World

by Sangram Kokate and Sanskruti Kulkarni OVERVIEW OF THE NDPS ACT CONCERNING MARIJUANA IN INDIA The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act[1] (NDPS) was enacted in 1985 and it serves as the principle legislation to deter drug use and trafficking in India. This act came into force because of pressure from the western countries whichContinue reading “Decriminalization Of Marijuana: A Comparative Study Between India And The World”

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