Summary Over the years, healthcare professionals and human rights organizations have condemned the practice of Virginity Testing as it is harmful, invasive, unethical and violative of universally guaranteed human rights. Similarly, the changing socio-legal outlook has pushed for eliminating sexual violence against women in most countries and has highlighted the routine and frequent use ofContinue reading “TWO FINGER VIRGINITY TEST: UNETHICAL, UNSCIENTIFIC & INVASIVE “

Inadmissible Evidence

– Tanishka Khokhar, Salwan Public School In simpler terms, evidence that cannot be considered or presented to the jury or the judge is defined as ‘inadmissible evidence’. Largely, the evidence must be relevant to the case to be considered admissible. As per the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Admissibility and receivability are not clearly distinguished. ItContinue reading “Inadmissible Evidence”

Human body material trafficking or illegal organ trading

In 2016, a case of Sundar Singh Jadhav got viral because of he had disclosed about a famous kidney racket at Mumbai’s Hiranandani hospital. He had been the key witness to the trafficking happening there. His death in January 2019 made it to the news because no suicide note was found at his place but according to the police financial stress and domestic problems had been the reason behind his death

The Defence of Parasomnia – Interpreting Criminal Behaviour

Parasomnias are a set of sleep disorders characterized as undesired physical occurrences or sensations that occur during the initiation of sleep, throughout sleep, or during arousal from sleep. Sleepwalking, sleep terrors, sleep talking, and sleep paralysis are some of the behavioral symptoms linked with partial arousals from sleep known as parasomnia. It can happen at any age.

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