Online Freedom of Expression and The Targeting of Journalists

After the advent of the Internet this Right was given a wider connotation by the Judiciary. The Internet proved to be a great stage where people exercised Free Speech & Expression and raised their voices for noble causes and for National or International problems having sensitivity. The rapid growth of the Internet, stories, and humour are bound to cause numerous constitutional implications. Freedom of speech, right to privacy, right to information, and property rights are some key issues that are presently being debated by the people in the groups.

Call for Members: ISLR’s Global Ambassadors Programme

About ISLR Indian Society for Legal Research is a non-profit and apolitical organisation which works in the field of legal research. Currently, we have launched a short term Project on International Courts & Tribunals and Electoral Reforms. We have also launched Online Certificate Course on International Humanitarian Law and Artificial Intelligence. About the Global Ambassadors ProgrammeContinue reading “Call for Members: ISLR’s Global Ambassadors Programme”

Avoiding Fake Profiles on Social Media

Mohd Imran Before reading this blog  just ask yourself few questions- Do you use social media for more than 5-6 hours a day?, Do you know all the members connected to you on social media?, Do you care if some or most of these profiles are fake or real?, Do you ever check the profileContinue reading “Avoiding Fake Profiles on Social Media”